Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Fair Is That?


                         How Fair Is That?

I shed my tears all alone,
I suffer pain , alone  I groan
I carry my own heavy burden
                       I walk with feet heavy laden
                       I fail, I suffer, I falter and fall
                      So far,no one bothers at all
                    But one smile to show    Everyone wants to know
    What is behind my bliss
    Like a snake they hisss
   What is behind that smile
                   They look so hostile  If you want my joy but not my pain
  How fair is that? Think over it again 


  1. touchy poem Farida ji, speechless....

  2. it just reminds me a quote.
    Gold has to dance in fire and has to jump in water to become a beautiful ornament :)
    well said mam !
    a fair poem


  3. True, when you are happy people want to know what's behind. No one cares and listens about the bad phase which we live alone....

    Touchy poem...:)

  4. well said...and so true....the emotion of envy is very is supposed to be a product of evolution to make us survive :)...that's what makes others envy when you smile...and they hardly bother about your sadness....

  5. from the post i have made out that your one strong woman!!i can feel it from your blog!!

  6. Life is unfair, but it is unfair to everyone. That makes it fair.

  7. Life isn't unfair unless we fail to find a way to get over the short comings. It is all the perceptions... be happy for what you are and worry not about the rest.

  8. Wonderfully penned and thought-provoking.

  9. hiiiii.....amazing poem:)
    a surprise awaits visit my blog and read the post titled 1st Versatile Blogger Award;)


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