Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its Your Life

My child, of my life you are a part
But it is always wise to listen to your heart
For in life, in Kayaks we travel
Left to drift on mysteries to unravel
Parents can guide you
On the path they think is true
Eventually it is your life
You deal with its strife
You can't get into my life
Nor can I get into your life
No matter how much we want to
This is impossible to do
Aim with high precision
And make your decision
Listen for good advice
But make your own choice
For everyone can drift away
But you are to stay
Stuck with the choices you make
With your goal at stake


  1. Dad would say SUNO SABKI- KARO APNi..

    I am sure children will do you proud for sure after all they get all their advise and well wishes from you ..

    Inspiring poem


  2. I have always loved this poem by Kahlik Gibran:

  3. That one was so true.. :) Hope you have recovered and that your kids are fine.

  4. That is an inspiring piece of work rendered with lots of love and care. Like it.

  5. And that is my favourite marawanthe road

  6. As a parent, this is the philosphy i follow, so i relate it. My only strive in life is to make my son sensible to make his choices and make the right choices in his life. And to have the strength to bear whatever comes along with it.

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