Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Once Upon a Time in India…..

When I think hosting a party for friends and family, the first thought that comes to my mind is what is going to be the theme. For me a party is not complete unless we a have theme and the rest goes around that particular theme for the whole evening. And yeah! The party usually is fun in the evening.
I remember how I and Rayyan had planned on a crazy party. It had loads of fun with crazy competitions and games for children and adults. The point is, no matter what the theme, if you have something in your mind than the party is going to be a hit with everything.

What is the toughest part in arranging a party? For me it is the cooking. I do enjoy cooking normally, but when I plan a party I usually wish I did not have to do all that cooking and cleaning up later. Often the cleaning up is managed by my son who needs just a little help from me, and now I see I have a solution to my other problem also. The gourmet products from Kitchens of India give me a wide variety of choice to suit my party and taste so that I can concentrate on other aspects of an entertaining evening.
Now it is time to go back in time when the Maharajas ruled India. Yeah! That is going to be my theme for the party. Enough of the modern day music, karaoke and discos; for now let us relive the glory of past India. Why not when the kitchens of India will provide us with the cuisine of those old days? With the secret recipes which have been handed down through the generations which are readily available for me, I am sure I can create a super hit party in my home itself.
The invitations will not be sent, but I would personally go and invite the important people to this party and explain the theme to them.  It is time to pull out and iron all those silks which have been stacked at the back of cupboards for a handful of my friends and family members now.
To create the right ambience, I would find the best of Indian historical documentaries and movies to run on my TV. The music would be classical too. The guests to the party will be welcomed cordially and made to sit comfortably. For a change, this is not going to be a serve yourself party. The guests would be taken care of and served food like in old times.
The menu would include recipes have been crafted by the Master chefs of ITC hotels, from royal recipes guarded closely over the ages which I could easily pick up from Kitchens of India. Does that not make me proud? Why not try out some chutneys and conserves to go with the snacks and starters when they are readily available?
The menu would include starters with Chicken Tikka, Fried Prawns and Paneer 65. They will be dipped in delicious dates, in a tart and tangy tamarind base comprise the tongue tingling Tamarind Date Chutney and the Tomato Chilli Chutney instead of regular sauce. The slices of tomato with garlic and green chilli, is sure to lend its fiery nature to the starters and party itself.

The main course would include Naan, Rumali Roti and Ghee Rice which could go well with the gourmet meals of Mughlai Paneer, Dal Bukhara and Chicken Darbari. It would also include Hyderabadi Biryani – A culinary specialty with a royal combination of saffron, spices and condiments to re-create the masterpiece from the Nizam’s kitchens where most of the hard work has already been done by Kitchens of India. All I have to do is add Basmati Rice, chicken, water and cook.
Mango Lassi, Sherbets, and Badam milk will be served in elegant glasses to quench the thirst.
As for desserts, the first thing to crop up in my mind is ice-creams, but according to the theme I am going to stick with the Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa -A Rajasthani dessert made from moong dal simmered in milk and garnished with almonds & saffron, Awadhi Badam Halwa- A delectable delight made from the choicest almonds, grated and simmered in milk, ghee and khoya and Hazoori Petha Halwa -A North Indian delicacy made from grated petha, cooked in ghee, milk and khoya, garnished with raisins. The distinctive flavours of this halwa make it the perfect dessert for any occasion. They will be right desserts to follow the gourmet meal.

Finally the guests will be lavished with Gourmet Gifts of Halwas 4 Pack to remember the party by as this is not going to happen very often. Now I am going to check my bank balance and see if I can really afford this party for my closest friends and family.

This post is written for the 'My Gourmet Party' contest at Indiblogger in association with Kitchens of India


  1. Delicious Dishes with lots of spicy, tamarind, chilly, prawns and chickens...oh..I am feeling hungry now and forgot the party.

  2. Good idea for hosting a theme party. All the best for the contest.

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