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A Sugar Free Minty Chill Pill


Mints have been my favorites since my childhood days. I used have a small container holding the peppermint chocolates available back then. They were quite cheap and were available in just two colors – white and pink. Later on came the mint candies with hole in them. Somehow, I still preferred by old pellets of mints.  As life went on, there were various peppermint chocolates wrapped in flashy papers, chewing gums, mint flavored biscuits and even ice-creams with a dash of mint available in the market. For some reason my heart lay with the original mint candies of the past which were not too sweet or mixed with other flavors. Unfortunately, they are not available anymore.

When Blogadda welcomed me to taste and review the sugar free Minto Ultramintz, I hoped that it would be something of a pure mint which would bring back the memories of the past. When the package arrived, I could realize that this product was going to be something special because of the effort put in the packing and personalizing it.

It even had my name on the package. Someone
who goes out of way to please the customer in such a way would sure make the product is awesome.

As I opened the package I could see a cool 60 extra strong pellets packed in a stylish black tin case which was something very special. It did not look like any of the mint cases I have come across so far. This is done by someone who knows that the first impression is the best impression. By reading about the product from Blogadda I had known that each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France (don't we get good peppermint oils in India?), finest quality menthol and is powered by special cooling component.  I prayed for all of those words to be true because I was tired of the sweetened powerless mints I was coming across. By now my children had gathered around the package and wanted to see what the new product was. We opened the tin case and brought out 3 pellets through a small opening created to let them out by shaking the box and popped in one pellet each. We just had finished some tasty Biryani and needed some mouth fresheners. My daughter saw the small pellet, made a face and asked for more. I told her to try it first and she can have more if she wanted.
PackshotsWonder of wonder the small pellet could erase the lingering taste of spice and onions in a moment and spread the cooling effect of mint all around my mouth. What topped the experience was the taste which was not extra sweet. I just hate sweetened mint candies. Off course mint is cool but Minto Ultramintz was just the coolest one.  I am not sure whether the package was done especially for the bloggers to review the product or the same is going to be released in the market. If yes, than it is going to add to the style. I am sure this product is going to gain lot of export orders too.  Priced at Rs.50/- per box(looks like a big chunk of budget goes into packing itself), I expect to see it soon on the dashboards of car, dining table and off course my computer work table.  My suggestion for ITC is – try to market refill packets of Minto Ultramintz pellets which would be money saver. 

"I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda" 

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