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How to prevent yourself from falling in love?

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Who would want to read an article that prevents you from falling in love? Love is what makes life beautiful; moreover you do not want to avoid falling in love for anything in the world. Most of the people often look forward to the magical moment when they will fall in love. Think it over once again. What is the real meaning of falling in love?
The warning alarm should be set off by the word ‘FALL’. Falling is described as an inevitable condition over which you have no control, often has drastic effects, cannot be reversed half way and makes you feel vulnerable. The English dictionary describes falling as coming down from a higher position to a lower one. Often the word fall is associated is disastrous happenings like, falling into a trap, falling ill or just the simple falling down. So, thread with precaution and be in a healthy relationship, love your partner and create a lovely life together based on mutual trust and respect. Don’t be in a hurry to find your ideal romantic dream and fall in love because in the wise words of Taylor Swift - "We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken." Here are the top ten ways that may succeed in preventing you from falling in love though I do not promise it.
 Identify the Emotion
Misled by an ideal state of romance created in your mind by books and movies, you may consider the emotions of being infatuated, physically attracted to another person or even sexual attraction to an ideal mate as falling in love. Identifying the emotion for what it is may take you away from falsely believing that you are falling in love.
Breathe and be calm
When you see a person and all of a sudden your heart starts pounding, blood circulation goes berserk, you feel giddy and nervous; calm yourself down and breathe. Don’t jump into conclusion that you have fallen in love. Off course it does mean that you like the person and prefer him/her as life partner. But it need not be that you have fallen in love and lost control over your emotions.
Stop the Obsession
Once you like a person and feel the pressure of emailing or texting him/her obsessively, stop yourself. Remember that obsessive pursuit of a person makes you lose your own dignity. Keep yourself engaged with activities to prevent someone invading your thoughts all the time.
Confess your feelings
No! I do not mean that you should run to the person and confess that you have fallen madly in love with him/her. I mean that you should talk about your feelings to someone you trust, who can be there for you if things go wrong. When you talk about your feelings, often you see the truth that the situation is under your control and you can do what you want, unlike what you believed earlier.
Don’t look for it
If you are a hopeless romantic and live just to fall in love, then you will keep looking around for opportunities to fall in love and even fall for strangers without knowing them well. Constantly thinking about love and romance creates an ideal love character in your mind, and you find it in the first most likely person you see. Don’t look for love, it will find you when the time is right.
It is about you
Often you tend to build parameters of an ideal lover and fall for those who meet those guidelines. Love and relationship in the long run is nothing about the other person at all. It is not about how they look, how much they earn or how romantic they are, but it is about how they make you feel about yourself.
Check out if you feel hurt
If it is love than you should have a pleasant feeling in your heart and not pain. Love does not hurt, but most often falling in love does. It could be consuming all your liveliness, focus, time and also your thinking power.
Ask yourself ‘do you want it?’
Remind yourself that falling in love will turn you into an obsessed, infatuated, insecure and deprived person which you may not want to be. Though thinking positively is good for you, check out the pros and cons truthfully when you think you may fall in love.
Fantasy and Reality
Riding on the wave that leads to the fantasy land of romance, may shut your eyes to reality. The high hormonal levels may force you to let your defense down, cross your boundaries and behave differently. Be aware and be awake. Distinguish your fantasy from reality which may give you a foothold, preventing the fall.
Agony and fear of losing a loved one

Know that once you fall in love you feel desperate attachment to another person which brings about the fear of losing the other person. You start going to through emotions of possessiveness, jealousy and as though you belong to the other person. Take control of yourself and remind yourself this is a passing phase of your life and this is not who you are. 


  1. Good one. A must read by all youngsters ready to love ofcourse!

  2. Farida a good article specially for people who are 'addicts' of love -stories but the heart 'sees' no reason and falls in love only to be broken and bruised.

  3. That's always been my point too - a person who leaves you feeling insecure about retaining his/her regard is the last person to trust to stay by you supportively through life - and, apparently, the first person with whom people 'fall' in love - the lure of the difficult-to-get :) Too often the problem with the difficult-to-get is that it is also difficult-to-live-with :)

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