Friday, January 22, 2010

I got tagged by Fierce..

Shows I like to watch

Sorry about this .. I do not have a TV at home.

8 things I look forward too

Finishing my graduation with flying colors

Getting on stable ground in life

Being independent and free

Getting my daughter safe and settled

Making sure my son has a good goal in life

Watching Avatar on big screen in 3D

Getting a dream job

Living in a house with basic facilities like running water, uninterrupted power supply, etc

8 things that happened yesterday

The sun came up from west and went down in east

I tried my hand at yoga again after giving it up for 8 years

Worked part time in my school and enjoyed every moment of it

Spent time with my kids

Had an argument with husband over phone

Felt insecure about the whole marriage after the argument :(

Spent time on internet trying to come out of gloom

Slept happily until morning

8 things I love about winter

I don’t sweat 24/7. Only 14/7

I can try some of my good dresses on

I can leave my hair down for few hours

I can enjoy a hot coffee

Can save on power a bit (by switching off the ceiling fan)

Can be sure I am not dehydrated

Can walk around without putting my tongue out and panting

Soft drinks are not necessity of life in winter

8 things on my wish list

I wish my kids to have a beautiful future

I wish all the kids in the world to have a beautiful future because they deserve it

I wish for a cure for cancer.. it sucks to live in fear of it coming back

I wish for more encouragement for my blog (comments please LOL)

I wish to visit USA again

I wish to meet the people I am connected to in real life

I wish to own a Ferrari

I wish to fall in love …..

8 things I am passionate about

My kids


Internet and computer


Friends and family




8 phrases I use often

Perfect !!!

You are absolutely right!

I am blessed! (all above three are mostly sarcastic)

Oh MY God! No.. not again…

NO.. I mean NO

Don’t say please.. it will not take you anywhere!

Wait for sometime…. And wait quietly

F*&^ and S&^% ( hanging down my head in shame here)

8 things I have learned from the past (not copied from anywhere.. genuinely learnt lessons )

You will buy decisions in secs for which you will pay in years..

Do not believe in promises made during er%$tion .. they will be forgotten after ej&^tion..

Wonderful relationship with your children is something precious and at your hand. Reach out and grab it before it slips off

No matter what you do.. you always end up feeling you should have done more for your parents.

Never give up on education… for any reason. It is your right and get it. If not you may have to regret

Love and money are not stable things in our lives

Always believe in good luck.. do not depend on it

You get to live your life only once… make decisions and responsible for it. Or else you will regret when you are 44

8 places I want to visit


USA once again…


Niagara falls





8 things I want/ need







House with basic needs supplied

A good job

8 bloggers I would like to tag








Kitty Moore


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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