Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have survived breast cancer for 14 years and still going...

I think I don't even think of it anymore as today I did totally forgot that it is my cancerversary. 28th April 1996 I was operated on and I think I should count it as my start of survival against the cancer.
Hope with good wishes and support from friends like you I live on to blog more and also as a gift win the Pepsi contest.. What better way can be there to celebrate.
I know I need to write more about my survival but today I will just give you some stats. The thoughts will flow sometime when they have to.

At the time I was diagnosed, I already had too much on my plate. My sister was in the last stage of her fight with the same demon and I was fighting to find a solution for my daughters rare kind of challenge she faced. Doctors were saying she would not be able to see, talk or walk. Her brain had atrophied. I was 29 and my children were 11 months and 4 years respectively. I was worried about the emotional trauma my son was going through.

Today I am happy to see that my kids are almost adults and I have simple things like exams, contests, weight, white hairs, etc to worry about. I could even forget that I had fought the battle so hard few years ago.

My advice to people having rough period is don't quit.

And after that back to my usual crazy rant which has been going on for past few days LOL
I heartily thank everyone one of my friend who has generously commented on my Youngistaan Ka Wow ! contest blog post. The contest ends on 30th. Whew!! you all can sigh in relief as I will not pester you for comments after that...
Send little prayers that I will do good in my exams. I have been wanting to graduate since last ten years but with growing kids it never worked out. So finally after a long long wait I am doing it this year. I am excited and nervous too.


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