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DCS Course - A Brief Introduction

Many people ask me, "What is DCS Course?". I am giving here a brief introduction to the course which changed the course of my life. I have never been the same person after going through the course at Banjara Academy. I love the change....
Banjara Academy

My thirst for education was not quenched even after I gave up education. I kept looking for opportunities to learn something new. In Banjara Academy I found a course with a practical orientation---to understand, master, and practice the skills of psychological counselling at workplace, community, institutions, and in informal set ups. The course has been designed from many years of experience of people working in the field, and teaching counselling, and is conducted by a broad cross section of counsellors, psychologists, medical professionals, special educators, human resource experts, and wonderful human beings.

Managed by professionals, the course is tutored for even those who have not had prior theoretical knowledge of psychology, and is conducted with the explicit aim of empowering the students in the practical realm. A number of students have successfully completed the course since it was given a formal structure in 1999, and many more have benefitted from short term courses of the Academy.

This course highlights the philosophy that each person is unique in his or her own right; that given the right conditions each one has the ability to grow and develop; that learning is best achieved when the person takes responsibility and is willing to 'experience' a range of different skills.

The course helps those who wish to improve their own relationships and practice counselling in the following areas:
  • Offices and factories
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Women's or community organizations
  • Old age homes
  • Hospices
  • De-addiction centres

The counsellors work with families, adolescents, youth and children, for marital harmony, or even informally in the community alongside busy medical professionals.

The program simultaneously nurtures personal growth and development by making one understand one's own strengths and weakness.

It has been one of the most amazing experience of my life. Mr. Ali Khwaja , Raja Reddy and other faculty at the Academy are the best people I have come across. 

Aim To improve the quality of individual and family life.

Banjara Academy offers free counselling to individuals and families. It provides emotional support and counselling to children with disability, children in homes, and children in hospitals, along with their parents. It conducts training programmes for teachers and special educators, and workshops on effective parenting. It offers workshops, aptitude testing and career guidance for students. It runs short term counselling courses for lay people, and offers consultancy to educational institutions.


  1. that looks like a very good course. r u on vacation? enjoy... :)

  2. Over here we have ACC, the Academy of Certified Counselors who offer similar training in Counselling Psychology. It's a field that is catching on.
    There are however still a lot of people who administer 'counselling' this without the basic requisite training, in churches and schools today. This will soon be corrected I hope.


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