Sunday, October 19, 2014

Indoor to Outdoors

I very often come across the ads about energy drinks or other energizers which give you enough strength to keep going even as you are ready to crash. I have never taken refuge in those energizers because my kids have done that for me. They can keep me awake the whole night, push me to walk that extra mile, motivate me to fly high and also keep my back from breaking with the last straw. The last thing I want is to see them sick or sad. I love to watch them glowing in complete health and smiling their days away. Being first or winning accolades do not matter as much to me as to watch them smile.
Now that they have grown up, they have become my support system in a different way by lending me a hand in managing my life. In fact, I shudder to imagine my life without Rayyan, who is a great help to me in everything I do.
My kids have faced different challenges in their lives but they have dealt with it at their best. Farheena, though a special needs child has seldom seen the doctor with a cold, fever or cough. She has been to the hospital only for her special needs which includes physiotherapy, speech therapy or the triple fusion surgery on her foot. If not for those challenges, she has been one of the healthiest children I have come across.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t so fortunate with my first born son. Though Rayyan was smart and healthy kid, he suffered from continuous bouts of cough, fever or colds which kept him away from school. My parents were very reluctant to let him go out much, because they were afraid he would catch an infection. The indoor made him more vulnerable to infections and he was sick so often. This finally turned into a vicious cycle which went on and on without an end.
I knew I had to take him out and make him play in dirt to get him fit, but I could not do that without giving my parents a heart attack (or they attacking me for trying to kill their precious grandson). One fine day, I was struck with a bright idea when watching the idiot box. There was this ad of Dabur Chyawanprash where the grandma lovingly fed her grandson the halwa to increase his immunity. I remembered how my parents had tried to make Rayyan eat the Halwa, but he refused because he was a fussy eater and did not like the consistency of the halwa.

I took Rayyan into my confidence and told him that he should promise his grandparents to take the Dabur Chyawanprash regularly so that they would confidently allow him to play outdoors. The boy agreed and we presented our plan to the grandparents. Rayyan will take the Dabur Chyawanprash regularly and they will allow him to play outdoors, be it in rain or sun. The grandparents were happy and said yes to this. Slowly Rayyan changed from a weak and sick boy, to a healthy outdoor person who loved cycling, walking, playing football, climbing trees and swimming.

His journey with outdoors activity began thus and recently ended with his 4 day cycling trail on the Western Ghats which was called ‘Ghats2Ocean’. 

He seldom falls sick and has great stamina. He can go cycling, walking or working for hours without being tired. Finally, today he has ended up being the only fit and healthy person in my family. The rest are either couch potatoes or sick every other day with something or other. May be I should show them the Dabur Chyawanprash ad to bring about a change.


  1. Vow...I am another person who always recommend chyamanprash to kids. Mine has too...loves it

  2. "Being first or winning accolades do not matter as much to me as to watch them smile." I wish more parents follow this!

  3. Good to see how he has grown and overcome the childhood weakness.... All the best for the contest...

  4. I'm glad you included a website for the product, because I had no idea what it was! :)
    It's great to be able to find the solutions that we need for the issues of our children. Your children have done well in life.
    By the way, Rayyan's video in your header is really funny!


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