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Quikr- Deals Cannot Get Any Quicker Than This!

Blogadda came up with the innovative contest for bloggers last week with collaboration with Quikr which was named #ShopQuikr. It was time to shop and have fun as well. I am not new to Quikr. Though I have not bought many things from Quikr,I have sold few things over there and made good money out of the sale as well. I don’t mean I made thousands but it meant a lot because I could get rid of unwanted things lying around the house and also earn some bucks by just posting free ads on the website. Most of the things we put out for sale were those that were not being used anymore and so were kind of garbage.
Buying products on Quikr was a new experience for me. So I decided to have a look around the range the products available on the site. It was difficult to make a choice of purchase there because I did not have any product in mind when I clicked on the website. This was not the familiar online shopping store for me, but one of the top classifieds platforms where the buyer and seller connected through the medium of the Quikr. The products could be viewed online, but the deal had to be done offline. I am used to finishing off the deal online, so had some doubts before venturing further.
Since I was at the computer table, I decided to look around for a computer table, since my old table was depleted and falling apart. It also made this corner of my home look unkempt with its height and way it was made.

Surprisingly I found quite good offers of computer table as well as chair for as less as Rs.2000-3000. Unfortunately most of the products were sold by the time I got in touch with the seller. Unexpectedly I saw a brand new computer table for just 3000/- with home delivery offered by the seller.
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I dialed the number of the person who lived in Hebbal, which is in another part of Bangalore.  The deal was done in minutes. I was not sure that he would transport the product all the way to Hulimavu which is quite some distance. But, keeping his word, this seller delivered the product to my home the same evening for no extra charges. This was one of quickest and easiest online deal I have ever made. Now my laptop has a matching table and also lockers to keep my Pen-drives and other computer accessories safe.

Now that I had got what I wanted it was time to have fun by surfing through the 13 categories and more than 150 sub-categories of products to choose from. There were wide range of mobile phones, laptops, real estate deals and also cars and bikes for sale at reasonable prices. Some smart people have posted products which cost you less in market when you buy them new. Is this the way of fooling people or have they bought this products from places which charge customers more? I am not sure.
I wanted my second purchase to be in the used item category because that would complete my shopping experience on Quikr. There were quite some good products I wanted to buy, like a bean bag, center table, shoe rack etc, but I had to purchase my next product in the range of 1800-2000/- rupees according to the conditions of the contest. Hence I made use of the filter available on the website to choose latest products posted in the range below Rs.2000/-.
Finally after being told by the sellers that the products I am looking for was not available anymore for about 7 times, I found an attractive 3 shelved glass table which caught my fancy. I actually did not have any idea where to set this table up in my home or what exactly to do with it, but I knew I would end up buying this product since I loved the way it was made.

I called up the number of the seller, who did not respond to the call. I was wondering whether to surf further for other products, when the owner called me back. I informed that I had seen the ad on Quikr about the glass top table and was interested in buying the product. She was a sweet speaking girl called Leena, who told me that the price would not be negotiable because the product was sparsely used. She was moving out of town; hence, she was selling most of her household furniture along with this tiny table. The owner was a situated in Murgeshpalya, again a far off place from where I stay, and this time around I had to arrange for the transport of the table. Again the deal was finalized in less than 5 minutes.
 After asking her to keep the product reserved for me, I asked my brother and son to pick up the table. The seller sent over her address through sms, we went there, paid the lady in cash, and brought the table home. It is as simple as that.
I set up my speakers on the table for now. I may find some better use for it in future.

Shopping on Quikr is quite quick, because most of the deals can be done within a day. This is much faster than the online shopping where the products may take more than 10 days to reach your doorstep. The tagline – ‘No Fikar, Bech Quikr’ looks appropriate as well since most of the products I tried to purchase were sold out when I tried to purchase them. One of those ads was just posted 2 hours ago. That means the used product was sold out in less than 2 hours! So I think it is time for me to check out what unused products are lying around my home to post ad on Quikr. After an awesome experience shopping, it is now time for some awesome experience selling products.

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