Tuesday, May 28, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 16

The Great Disappointment

When Rayyan was around 6 years old, a weird thing happened which was quite funny. As Rayyan was taking water in bowl for his watercolor painting, there came few small black live dots which was spotted by Rayyan. At first I thought it was dust particles, but then realized they were alive and swimming randomly. So this was a mystery to us how some living creatures other than worms can come from a tap. When we all were worried about infections and illness due to the use of not so clean water, though it was used only for cleaning purpose, Rayyan calmly found a white bowl to keep those very tiny swimming creatures in. By the time we had the overhead tank cleaned and settled down with the issues, Rayyan had fetched some stagnant water from outside and added to the bowl so that the creatures could eat something. He already had decided that he would allow them to grow and then find a home for them to live in. 
We all reluctantly agreed to allow those black creatures to stay for some time, because Rayyan looked very excited and happy to be their caretaker. There were around 8 of them and slowly they started to grow and gain a shape like that of fish. Rayyan was very happy that he had saved some fishes from dying. Somehow they aroused my curiosity as well and I started watching them and to my surprise I threw in a dead mosquito inside the bowl to feed them as well. Rayyan would throw in a grain of cooked rice or a small piece of vegetable for them to eat. I am not sure how many days must have passed by, but after a few days Rayyan appeared to be a bit disappointed when watching them. I asked him, “What is the matter, Rayyan?” and he said, “Maa, I think they are not fish. They look different now”. I walked over and closely looked at the mystery creatures. They appeared much bigger than the last time I had seen them and they were something like aliens we see in movies. It took me sometime to realize that they were tadpoles. They appeared quite weird with the tiny legs sticking out from their side. Some frog had got inside the overhead tank and had laid eggs there. When I turned towards Rayyan, I burst out laughing because of the look he carried on his face. He was highly disappointed looking at these new creatures which were definitely not fish. I explained to him about the life cycle of frogs and what tadpoles are and told him these were the tadpoles. Since I did not know much about their life from the time they developed legs, so I decided that we could not keep them in home anymore. When I was making fun of Rayyan with my family for breeding frogs in home and then being disappointed with it for not being fish, he coolly announced, “Frogs or fishes, life is a life. I think I did what I wanted to do that is allowing them to grow a bit big before finding them a home. Now I will find a home for them and say goodbye to them as planned earlier”. Whatever he said, I could not stop laughing. Together we took the bowl to a small water body nearby and said bye to the tadpoles as we poured them in there. Surprisingly, as I walked back, I felt a bit sad that they had to go… 
I am sure if Rayyan was able to search on google, those tadpoles would have stayed with us to grow into big frogs. Fortunately those were not the days of google search and we had no clue what to do with them and we parted ways happily.

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