Thursday, May 23, 2019

100 Rays Of Son 11

And There Was No Sound

Enjoying Decorating for Parties
When I was working on setting up Giggle Garden, a project that was more than I could chew, I could not attend to my work at home. One day I realized that our refrigerator needed cleaning but was too tired to get up to get it going. Naturally, this leads to me seeking help from Rayyan. He was busy playing game on his computer since it was Sunday. I told him the fridge was all messed up and it needed cleaning. He told me that he will finish the game and get it done.
I went back to laying down on the bed and relaxing, planning about the future of Giggle Garden. I was patiently waiting for Rayyan to finish his game and get this job done. I was in no mood to pester him nor did I want to do it myself. I kept waiting and waiting as time ticked by. There was no sound… I was kind of getting a bit angry and frustrated. I knew that he had been working the whole week and needed some time out for himself, but did he not commit to do it when he finished his game? So, finally I decided to take him to task. When I entered his room he was happily racing away on the virtual roads of his computer. Somehow I managed to ask him in calm tone which required tons of patience from my side, “Didn’t you promise (actually it was not a promise but just a ‘yes’) that you will clean the refrigerator after the game is over. Why haven’t you got it done yet?”
Rayyan continued playing the game and replied “I finished it Maa. I did it long time ago”. I thought this must be some kind of a joke and checked out the fridge. Not only was it sparkling clean, but all the bottles, and other things inside it were cleaned and arranged neatly as well. But, why did I not hear any sound at all? As I thought about it, slowly it dawned on me that Rayyan is usually very silent person. I never hear his footsteps when he walks around our home, I never hear him parking his cycle, opening the door, cleaning his cupboard etc. When Rayyan works it is almost like he is not working. When someone is working or resting, he usually uses his headphones so even when he is watching a movie or playing game, there is no sound. I have never seen him grumble, complain or get frustrated with the work on hand any time. He doesn’t talk if he is not having communication with the person he is working with or needs something. He handles all the things as though they are about to break.
When he was in USA, he loved working at different odd jobs. Back then we would never know when he watered the grass, took the trash out or cleaned the garden. So often I or Paula would ask him to do it to find out that it is already done.
He would look forward to working with Jay, on his sports car. Jay would also be surprised with his patience, and help. He would usually say that he never tires out nor does he sweat. This was one of the best time Rayyan enjoy working I should say, especially because he had good rapport with Jay.

I used to wonder why Rayyan spots a lot of animals when I don’t. I think it was the noise I made that would scare the animals or birds away whereas Rayyan was never heard for them to get scared to scamper away.
Fortunately for us, the family of lazy people, Rayyan has been a handy child to have around since he was a toddler. 
Never missing an opportunity to make Farheena a part of the project
From fetching a glass of water for those watching TV to cleaning around, fixing technical/electrical problems to shopping, I have to give a lot of credit to him, moreover for doing it silently without disturbing anyone.

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