Friday, May 24, 2019

100 Rays Of Son -12

 Anger Is Overrated & Overused

Rayyan is of the opinion that anger is the most overrated and overused of all emotions, especially in humans.
I have to disagree with this because I know why I get angry and how important it is for me to get angry. Naturally, I was angry with Rayyan for blaming and abusing my  favourite emotion. So I decided to use my gift of gab to prove him wrong.
"Anger is very important emotion Rayyan. Without anger people will walk all over you and use you like doormat".
"When did that happen to me? I think people are nice to me, even though I don't get angry".
When I think it over, I realise that Rayyan gets favoured more often than those who express anger. He is not passionate about anything like religion, language, state etc which usually leads to arguments and anger. So, I racked my brain to see what angers me most. It is usually something said against my mom that angers me. I think it does to most of us. Now I was sure I had cornered Rayyan. Since, I am his mom he cannot say that he will not be angry when something bad is said about mom.
"I get angry when someone says something bad about my mom. Won't that anger you?"
I had to use my hand to stop my jaw from falling down to the floor, so Rayyan was not bonked on his head.
Calmly he continues, "You are my mom and as your child it is my duty to respect you. Why should I expect that from everyone? They are not bound by any duty to respect you. So, what is the big deal? You are just any other person to them. I can control only what I do, not what others do. BTW, unless you hear it, there is no harm in it for you. If you hear someone abusing you, I will never have a chance to get angry, because I will be busy saving that person from you".
I have no argument left but still my heart is not accepting it.... Any help is welcome.

What I expected Rayyan to be like when someone says bad things about his mom

What Rayyan is................

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