Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awards time!... Got this from Alice and now to give it to 10 others.

First let me thank Alice who is an amazing blogger with immense talent for creative writing. Now, Awards usually come with conditions, but Alice did this a little bit different because some people find it hard to talk about themselves... so Alice being Alice, known for changing things around, she threw the floor open, so that now you can ask me anything about myself!

Now make this good, because you'll not get another chance! Or may be you will. I sort of love to talk about myself....

Gloria... for connecting so well with me within a short period. I know I will miss her when she is away.

Jeff .. who is wonderful person

Michael Kaser who has wonderful stories to thrill

Debbie who is a survivor and fighter

Rae who writes amazing and thought provoking blogs

Kamat who is from my own state

Being me - getting to know her and her blogs better with every visit

Not so glamorous housewife who I found recently on blogspot. Very interesting. ;)

Just me - Wonderful poetry and blogs can be found here.

and finally a very dear blogger who posts make my day most of the time


Whew!! finally got to do it today.....


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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