Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry Plight of Almighty ...

Sorry Plight of Almighty

My Lord! There was a time when you were a Almighty
Of you helping others there was a possibility
But now I cry over 'your' sorry plight
Where you have lost all your might

Say, my reverend almighty God
Do you need me to help you???
In your pie should I prod?
Answer me ‘O’ Lord, give me a clue

I can be a commander, I can be a leader
But can I equal you ‘O’ Creator???
You, who with a glance, can pound mountains to sands
Do you need my petty help to win you lands??

You great Almighty who created everything
Do you need me to save your sacred buildings??
Of everyone’s hatred your name is now the issue
‘O’ my Lord what have they done to you….

People are running with swords to keep your name clean
With blasphemous blood they are washing the scene
Not realizing that if God is genuine
Than to all blasphemous words he is immune

I know not where do I belong...
Whether I am right or am I wrong
As a mute creation my Lord, created by you
I am lost in thoughts ‘what I should do??????’

By Farida Rizwan


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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