Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why will Janaki not eat Chicken?

You need not agree on everything to be friends!
Farheena is a part of my own social gatherings. She gets along very well with most of my friends. I tag her along with me whenever I meet my friends for many reasons,

·         She never complains that she is bored when we are chatting away, but silently observes all of us to give her opinion later.
·         She enjoys the little (or more) attention she gets from my friends.
·         Being a special needs girl, she lacks a friend circle or social life of her own. So, this is the closest she can get to it.
·         She is dignified, well behaved, not demanding and silent when she is in a social gathering. That is her alter personality which is completely opposite of what she is at home.
·         She learns many new things when she is out with me, most of them positive. Ahem!
Yesterday, I met with fellow bloggers and wonderful women –Monika, Janaki, Rachna, Indrani, Asha and Afshan. As usual Farheena was tagged along. She came with beautiful paintings to give away to whoever said she is pretty. 
This is Farheena's gift for Janaki, her facebook friend. 
She sat there silently watching us as we ate our food and chatted away.There was this freak of a dish called Salmon Khan and while discussing the dish, we ended up with discussion about vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Janaki explained that she was vegetarian by birth and does not even eat eggs. I did not expect Farheena to get interested in this conversation, but she was. After all we were discussing about chicken which is more interesting topic for her than the Modi-Rahul-Kejriwal talk.
As soon as she came home, a message was sent to Janaki, inviting her to eat chicken or something like that through her facebook. This is one of those kind souls who try to keep in touch with Farheena on Facebook and put up with her bombardment of Hi’s. The lady said, “I don’t eat chicken, ask your Maa why?” and Farheena came to me with the iPad and showed me her message. Now, I was in a very sticky situation. I had tough time explaining to her why Deewali is celebrated, why people worship cow, why people sacrifice goats/sheep, why some women wear burkha whereas others do not etc.  Those are the days when I realize that we humans have become so complicated that we cannot understand our ways with basic knowledge required for survival. We need to understand the complicated things with a far highly complicated mind which unfortunately (or fortunately) Farheena doesn’t possess.
I tried to escape by telling Farheena that I had some work to catch up and I could not answer her questions right now. So, she waited patiently until I hit the bed and brought the topic up once again. Sigh!
This is how our conversation went.
Why Janaki doesn’t eat chicken?
She doesn’t eat chicken because she is a vegetarian?
What does she eat?
She eats vegetables
She eats vegetables in the morning, afternoon and night?
And also tomorrow? (now this means everyday in her language)
May, June and all? (this means all twelve months in a year because she cannot yet pronounce the other months)
Because she is a vegetarian
Why vegetarian cannot eat chicken
They cannot eat chicken, mutton, fish or egg as well
Many people do not like chicken, like you don’t like vegetables.
No way
Yes beti, many people do not like fish and chicken
But you said they cannot eat chicken.
OK. Look here my child. People worship different Gods. People who worship Allah, or Jesus can eat non-vegetarian food whereas people who worship Rama and Buddha cannot (this was backed up by showing different pictures of Gods to her)
Why? Why Rama and Buddha are bad?
No no no… they are not bad. They don’t want people to eat chicken. That’s all.
That means they are bad (that was final verdict). They are also responsible for people bursting crackers and giving me headache?
And they are also responsible for people who worship cows on street and scare me?
Hmmmm gulp!
Janaki is one of those people?
I answered after a long hesitating pause … Yes
I know now Janaki is not very smart, but she is my friend, she is nice and I like her.
So there, if you are not a complicated person you can openly love another human being who you find weird, different from you and do not agree with. I wish I could get where she is!


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