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Reflections - A-Z Challenge 2021

A to Z Challenge 2021

 I came across the A to Z April 2021 challenge link on 29th of March, so I was late for Theme Reveal, yet that did not deter me from jumping into it. 

My theme for the challenge was - Things that helped me surive cancer for 25 years. Since this April I enter into my 26th year of survival, it made a perfect match for the 26 alphabet. 

Since this was a spontaneous decision, I had to think of the blog everyday and create one because I had just time for a blog after regular working hours. Though at first I wanted to write about what helped me, later I decided to go ahead with something common for everyone. For example, when writing about Letter 'C' - I would say my children were a great motivation for my surival but then that is not the case with everyone. So, I went with being 'Calm' which is very much a part of fighting cancer. Plans kept changing, sometimes it was difficult to choose one topic when ideas were flowing for many of them and they all looked important. 

The stats did not change much for me, though I had comments coming in for the posts. Usually I have visitors without comment left on my blogs, but A-Z challenge visitors left behind comments. It also encouraged me to visit other blogs and leave behind comments. 

I found some amazing blogs to read. I also had great bloggers visiting my blog leaving behind encouraging comments. - Her pictures and posts were as beautiful as her. Arti's coomments were heartwarming always. - Very savvy posts. She  went out of her way to help me set up my profile right so that my blog would have easy access. Trudy had amazing list of movies. I looked forward to reading them everyday. - Her posts took me back to the days of school in St. Joseph's Convent. Found amazing art and another cancer warrior. Anne M Bray- you rock Thank you for your visit.

There were many more blogs I visited but I unable to add them to the list at present. 

I couldn't do the scavenger hunt due to lack of time after a full time job. 

I want to get back to the challenge once again whenever it is announced. 

Thank you everyone

My list of posts for A to Z Challenge 2021

A -  Awareness - Action - Attitude 

B - Bald yet Brave and Bold

C - Calm Despite Cancer 

D - Determination To Change Destiny 

E - Enthusiasm To Enjoy Life

F - Focused Yet Flexible

G- Feel Good With Gratitude

H - Humour Helps You Heal

I - Informative Intelligence

J - Joyful Journey Of Life

K - Kickstart Kindness Now

L - Learn to Listen toYour Body

M - Mind Full to Mindful - A Meaningful Journey

N - Nurture with Nature

O - Open Minded Optimism 

P - Persistant Patience Empowers Perseverance

Q - Quality or Quantity - Dilemma of Treatment

R - Recuperate - Respect Your Rebirth

S - Self Love - Smart Love

T - Thoughts - Tune Them To Triumph

U - Unlock Your Upgrade

V - Victim or Victor, The Choice Is Yours

W - The Watchful Will Win

X - Find Your X-Factor, Be Xtraordinary 

Y - Yes, 'YOU' Matter

Z - Add Zest & Zeal To Your Life


  1. Well done with the challenge. I had no idea that you were writing your posts with so little spare time. The first time I did the A to Z Challenge I had only just found it in time. I had more writing time than you, though.
    Thank you for including my blog in your list and your lovely comment on my reflections post.

    1. I am always good when I have to do things quickly. I enjoy that...

  2. Looks like you did a fantastic job! In the past I always did last minute and squeezed in a post after work each day, this year I was a little better prepared. I know a lot of people write and schedule all their posts before the challenge even starts, seems like that would take the fun out of it to me. Congrats to you for finishing!

  3. Congratulations on completing the AtoZChallenge2021. And for "beating" cancer! For DCIS, I had a couple of surgeries and a string of radiation treatments that ended in January, 2020, just in time to worry about Covid-19. I just read your first post and look forward to reading more of them. New and exciting goals keep me active, too.

  4. I am shocked (in a good way) and impressed to learn that you jumped into this challenge totally unprepared.
    Your letters and themes seem so well thought out and nicely written, I was under the impression you must have spent weeks in advance working on them. Still you found the time to connect with so many other bloggers.
    Congratulations! Absolutely brilliant job, Farida!

  5. I'm glad you jumped in and joined the challenge! It's a lot to take on. I try to block out my schedule in April (as much as possible), but of course my plans often go awry. Life has a way of throwing unexpected obstacles, and it seems like even when I plan carefully, I still end up behind on everything by the end. (I'm just now getting around to visiting Reflection posts!)

  6. Just popped in on te Roadtrip and I have left a mini review over at


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