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100 Rays Of Son - 20

Being Fixed

Yesterday, my brother Sajid took us out in car, and Farheena enjoyed the outing. I told him that we should get Rayyan used to driving so that he can take Farheena out whenever car is available. Farheena declared that she is comfortable only with her uncle's driving and doesn't trust Rayyan to do a good job. I told her, "Rayyan will do great, don't worry. He is good at what he does". It kind of shocked me when I said that, because I usually say that no one can drive better than my brother in such situations. My sister Sabina says I am the original Andh Bhakt who blindly loved and believed in my brother and started the trend. She hates me for that as well and says it out loud without even flinching a bit. So how did I not take this opportunity to praise my brother but gave some credit to Rayyan? As I picked at my brain I realised this change has happened slowly over the years. It started with my embarrassment on a fateful day.
When my mom was diagnosed with cancer; after her surgery, my dad, brother and his family had shifted to Byndoor. They all were going through very rough phase of life. Initially I would visit them, but then my sister-in-law's uncle passed away and she had to go to Bangalore. I had to temporarily shift to their place to take care of my mom and dad. At that time I was working on computers and needed it to be shifted as well. My bother decided not to postpone the shifting, so that I could stay there for longer time. It is a different story that the temporary stay turned into months and year. 
Off he went with Rayyan to my husband's home to fetch the computer. Soon the monitor and desktop pc arrived in disconnected form. I decided to help my brother fix it. Everything was done but the monitor wouldn't sit on the stand, no matter how hard he tried. All the while Rayyan who was watching us said, "Maa, I think maamu (uncle) is doing it wrong. Can I show him how to do it?" I was very upset with this child in 8th grade who was thinking he was smarter than my brother. "For your kind information, let me tell you Rayyan, that my brother is computer science diploma holder. He knows a lot about computers and can fix it. He can assemble computers easily. The work will be done quickly if you do not disturb him", as I said that I threw a nasty look at that boy to shoo him away. But he stayed there watching us struggle with the monitor. Minutes ticked on. Rayyan said in a much lower voice now after being reprimanded last time, "Maa can I try it?" and I said again, "Keep quite, don't disturb". Finally, after a frustrating half an hour or so, the monitor would not sit on the stand and I was very upset that we couldn't do it. Finally I declared that during transport some part of it may have fallen off and it needs to be fixed. Meanwhile Rayyan in the background in a feeble voice says again, "Maa, we brought it very carefully. It is not broken. Can I try?" I looked at the child with contempt and said, "How do you think you are smarter than us? Ok, go ahead and give it a try", and I turned to my brother and said, "Byndoor is spoiling Rayyan. He is acting as though we don't know anything and he is......." I was stopped in middle of that sentence with a joyful and little louder voice, "it is fixed maa". Now this couldn't happen, it was just a minute or so since he went there. "How did you do it?" I ask in disbelief as I shake the monitor to be sure it is fixed. "You were confused with the slot. It needed to go in the other way". My brother was very happy that Rayyan did it though I was struggling to accept that he did it in a minute whereas we did not figure it out for a long time. "Can you remove it back and show me how you did it?" I ask, trying to sound authorative and smart, but fail miserably. Rayyan, calmly detaches the monitor and shows me the right slot. "Ohhhhhh.. That is it. Now I understand" and I try to end the conversation there. He fixes it back again.

In days that followed I allowed Rayyan to fix things. I read through the catalogue to understand how to fix things, but Rayyan somehow knows it without guidance. He just knows it. That is his skill. It took me long time to accept it, then acknowledge that he is better at it than me and finally to ask for help whenever needed. Slowly I also realised that my brother is different and he doesn't even enjoy computers or fixing things. He actually trusts Rayyan to do such things around in his home now.
That one experience changed me a lot. It was not just the monitor but also Rayyan's mom who was fixed that day. I respect every child's opinion/suggestions now, even if it is a toddler expressing it. I listen to what they have to say. I realised that at times they have better solutions to the issues than us adults.

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