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100 Rays Of Son - 22

Wonderful Love Of Blue Jays

In 2008 we spent some wonderful time in Florida. We were with Paula and Jay and I am sure both Rayyan and Farheena have stored tons of wonderful memories in their hearts of our time spent there.
When we were with Paula, Rayyan would be roaming around after lunch in the backyard or around Springhill since Paula, Farheena and I would be resting in the afternoon on most of the days.
Once, as I lay down reading a book, Rayyan walked in and told me, “Maa there is a beautiful bird caught in the bushes and it is unable to fly away. I want to save it but there is another bird which looks exactly like it, which is attacking me when I try to free it”. When such things are announced, it takes some time for me to understand what is happening, but then curiosity took over my laziness and I went out with him. There I saw two pretty birds, one caught in the bush and another one trying to rescue it. I went in to seek Paula’s help. She saw the birds and immediately rushed in to read about them on the computers. We learned that these were Blue Jays which can be aggressive at times. We could see the other bird hovering around and being protective. We were not knowing how we could help them, but Rayyan could not bear to watch the bird hanging by its wings. He approached it again, and the other bird tried attacking him, but he calmly moved forward without being troubled and started to free the bird. I was about to call him back fearing that the free Blue Jay would peck out his eyes or something, but to my surprise, both the birds calmed down. He may have been pecked on his hand once or twice, but later they were like trusting him. Paula was in and out may be a hundred times, checking her computer for more information on the birds and watching Rayyan.
Since the bird had struggled to free itself, its wing was badly damaged. Rayyan had to be very careful to free the bird. It was amazing sight to watch the other bird hovering above, anxious to know the progress. Finally, he freed the bird and slowly set it down. The bird tried to fly away, but it could not. Paula suggested that we bring it in to offer some bird seeds and water. We were afraid to approach it, but since Rayyan was already there, he carried it in. We quickly set up a cardboard box to make the bird comfortable. To our surprise the other bird followed as well. It flew inside started trying to get near its partner. Now Paula got busy clicking pictures and reading further information. The bird would not eat but had few sips of water. It looked terrified. Soon we had a gang of three dogs and two cats approaching the bird menacingly. Quickly  a cage was brought and the bird put in the cage. Immediately, the other bird went wild and aggressive. We all were scared and ran out of the room, except for Rayyan. He slowly opened the cage and the other bird got in as well.
We kept some water and seeds for the birds and placed them out near the pool. Through what we googled we realized the injured bird was female and the other one a male. Paula decided that we will take her to a vet if she does not recover. For a week these birds became the centre of drama in Paula’s home with the cats and dogs eagerly waiting to take a bite of them.

Rayyan would open the door of cage and try to let the bird out, but it could not fly yet.
Unfortunately on the 7th day (or may be a few days more, I am not sure), to his dismay, he found that the bird was dead. It hurt and confused him because none of us expected this. We never realized the cause of this either. With a heavy heart, he dug a hole in Paula’s garden and buried the bird. The other Blue Jay flew away. Rayyan was heartbroken for few days and would spend time near the spot where the bird was buried.
Another misfortune waited for him a few days later. I can’t imagine his shock to find the other Blue Jay lying dead at the same spot few days later. He sadly buried it beside his wife.
I had to console him saying, that he tried to save the bird and that is what matters.
What amazed me about this incident was that these birds were trusting Rayyan and only Rayyan. They were aggressive to all of us, including Farheena. Most of the animals have been very peaceful in their response to Rayyan and may be that is the reason he is so trusting and loving towards them or it could be vise versa. Cats are always nice to me may be because I love them.
These birds are etched in our memory forever not just because of their beauty, but also because of how they bonded, how the healthy bird protected its partner and also how inseparable they were. They raised the bar of love for Rayyan and now I am endlessly waiting for a daughter-in-law.
Rayyan finds the weddings and all its expenses useless and unnecessary because he feels it is not important. Those two birds had not taken any oath, made promises or were bound by law, yet they showed what a relationship should be like. He wants his relationship to be something like that as well, where it is love that keeps two people together and not the law or the promises or the expenditure they have made on the wedding day.

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