Sunday, June 9, 2019

100 Rays Of Son -28

The Lost Bag

Immediately, after my first cycle of chemotherapy, we traveled to Byndoor. With all the stress, I left my purse in the auto as I got down carrying Farheena. My husband flew into rage and started giving lectures which made very less sense. I was too tired due to surgery and chemo to defend myself, yet I tried to justify that since I got down carrying Farheena, and he was in charge of luggage, he should have taken care of it. That just worked as fuel as he removed his watch, banged it down and asked, "Do I remove my watch I keep it separately on auto? Same with the purse. You shouldn't have removed it from your shoulder at all"... He wasn't able to understand the pain of surgery, nor the effects of chemotherapy. It was so tough for me to manage Farheena in the first place. I had half mind to walk back home and not visit this place at all, but I think the insecurity of going through cancer had mellowed me into silence. All the while Rayyan was a mute spectator to all the drama and sat beside me, patting Farheena's head. 
Years passed and Rayyan was in Arena Animation. My brother-in-law threw a pizza party for us when my husband was back from Dubai on vacation. As four of us sat in the auto, Rayyan had to remove his back pack to fit in. As we got down from auto, Farheena panicked in the heavy traffic flow of Jayanagar. Rayyan calmed her down and took her to the footpath as I paid the bill. By the time he returned for his bag, the auto had left. We had version 2 of the same drama by my husband again. All my family tried to pacify him but he kept tormenting Rayyan. We couldn't even enjoy the party, because other than Rayyan everyone was troubled by his behaviour. Rayyan was very much worried about his bag because it had lot of things important to him. I was at loss how to shut up my husband because finally even the other customers started pitying Rayyan. 
Finally a guy walked up to us and said, "Such things happen so often. Learn to forgive and leave that boy alone. He had not said a single word against this barrage of words". We all felt embarrassed and looked in different directions. The waiter also threw in few comforting words to Rayyan. Finally, my husband shut his mouth.
Four days later I got a call from an unknown number. The person on the other end asked whether this is Rayyan Rizwan. I said I was his mom and asked what he wanted. The answer shocked me, "I am the auto driver you traveled with few days ago. Your son left his bag in my auto. I saw that when I went home and took it in. As I checked through it, there was a dairy milk chocolate that I gave to my daughter. But immediately I remembered your son and how lovingly he took care of his sister. I was tempted to keep it so I did not contact you, but I realised somehow I cannot take this. I found your number in his college ID. He tried helping his sister and ignored his bag which has lot of important documents and many other things. If I keep this, God will not forgive me. I will bring it today to your home. Kindly pay me something for the auto fare". I was taken aback. This was beyond my expectation. I thanked him heartily and assured to pay him some amount for his good deed. Late in the evening he returned the bag. He asked forgiveness for taking the chocolate, but I assured him that was completely OK as this meant a lot to us. I paid him more than the auto fare which he refused intially, but later accepted. I asked his name, but he refused to say anything because he said he did not do this for recognition and left saying, "My only wish is for my child to grow up to be like your son. He brings out the goodness hidden in people. Earlier if I found something on my auto, I never even thought of returning it, but I think I am changed now. Thank him on my behalf". 
As Rayyan checked through his bag, he found everything intact, other than the chocolate he had kept as a surprise for me. Rayyan was relieved and so happy to get his sunglasses gifted by Paula, Swiss knife, his wallet, and so many other things that were precious to him. 

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