Wednesday, June 26, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 45

More Coop Stories

Rayyan’s bond with hens was fascinating. One thing I learned from Rayyan is that language is not important when you want to communicate with any other living being. Rayyan speaks in English or any other language with animals and I see that they respond. Since he wanted to talk to our hens and call them, our hens were given names. The white hen was very tough and would fight with everyone, so I called her Phoolan Devi. Rayyan asked me what it meant, I did not elaborate the story much because I liked the name, so the name stayed. If he would get to know more about the dacoit queen, he would have not accepted it. The other one was called Tanya after my Mortal combat character. The white hen was dominant alpha female who made everyone listen to her rules. Tanya, the poor thing would never oppose her. She was in fact, terrified of her and keep out of her way. When we decided to let them brood chicks, a big fight broke between them. The eggs belonged to Tanya, but Phoolan decided to have it for herself because they both started brooding at the same time. I wanted to separate them and divide the eggs between the two hens, but Rayyan told me, “Maa, they are not humans. They will sort out the issue in a better way than we humans do. Leave them alone and let us see what happens. I don’t think there needs to be a partition there”. I did not trust Rayyan much on this issue and was worried for Tanya, but decided to check out what happens. I would make him sit near the coop for hours so that the weaker hen wouldn’t get hurt. Finally, they sorted it out. One hen would sit on the eggs and the other on top of her. I saw how the hen who was so scared and would keep distance from Phoolan, would climb on her back to be with the eggs. The chicks were hatched and you already know about the weird rooster who was their son.
When the time came to take the chicks out, somehow these two hens made peace with each other. No treaty signed, no promises made but they came to an understanding. One would lead the chicks and the other would be keeping watch from the rear end. The chicks were safe this way. At the sight of a dog, Tanya would summon Phoolan and she would attack the stray dogs or any animal at sight ferociously, as the other hen took the chicks under her wing. It was very surprising to see this behaviour. I have to appreciate Rayyan’s trust in animals. He feels that since they are not as complicated as humans, their solutions to problems are also not complicated. Since they do not use languages like us, there is no miscommunication between them. This experience made me agree to his theory. He also feels that they do understand what we say to them due to the tone and way we speak. So he talks to all living creatures.
These two hens lived with us for a very long time and they were great pets. With time they started responding to instructions as well. I knew Rayyan was about to come home school, because they recognised the van horn and would rush towards our backdoor for the titbits he would have for them. They loved to eat from our hands. Phoolan and Tanya never liked to be touched and were rarely coming inside the home. Rayyan’s only freedom fight was for the freedom of the hens. He feels that these species deserve a better life than what they are given. He feels very hurt every time he passes by a shop that sells chicken, because of their living condition. He has bonded with them and knows them to be more than just food. I hope more people will realize this.

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