Thursday, June 20, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 39

Life Happens and Rayyan Enjoys It

When Rayyan was busy with his project with Chimple, a company he was proud to be a part of; we had to visit my aunt who was not feeling well and lived in Bangarpet. Rayyan had some important submission to complete and he couldn’t join us. Unfortunately I forgot to hand a spare key of our home to him, which I remembered very late. We were already more than half way to the town.
I informed Rayyan about the situation and he was OK with it. We tried getting home fast, but it always gets late when you meet your relatives after a long time. By the time we reached home, it was almost 1 a.m. and I assumed Rayyan must have gone to one of his friend’s home. When I connected with him to let him know that we were reaching in half an hour and he could come home or stay at his friends place, he said he was already home and waiting for us.
I was a bit disturbed because it was cold and raining in Bangalore and he had missed his dinner as well. But my mind was also working on a conspiracy at the same time. For once I will get to see an upset and angry Rayyan and I will take some pictures of him so that I can have proof that he can give in to emotions as well. Whenever someone would use him an example for their children, I could show these pics and tell them the story how he responded when we deserted him without a key to our home.
So I eagerly look for him in the parking, and I cannot find him. It was raining quite heavily and our terrace had no shelter. So where was he? I climb up the stairs and see something…. And the superman drama unfolds. Is it is dog? Is it a wild animal? Oh, it is flying, is it a huge bird… no look it is Rayyan. In his dark clothes, on the terrace, jumping and enjoying the cold rain lashing at him, it was difficult to identify Rayyan until the lightning flashed. When I was about to say sorry for forgetting to hand the spare key to him, he said, “Sorry maa, I forgot to take the spare key from you today morning because I was in a rush to get to office”. Immediately my hand rushes to hold my jaw dropping down. I do not make a fuss about me being at fault and ask normally, “why did you come home? You could have gone to your friend’s place” I try to accuse him to see how he will respond. He calmly informed me that they were away. All the while he is enjoying the rain as well.
The next day, I was discussing the incident with my friend Parvathi in Giggle Garden who explained to me how lucky I was to have a son like Rayyan. “At 26, youngsters cannot tolerate such things. They usually go wild and I am sure if anyone else in Rayyan’s place would have broken the door and got in”. At that time I recalled many such incidents with Rayyan, where he had shown extreme patience and had been with peace where many would be flying in rage. I know he gets bored with the wait as well, but his response is never expressed through frustration, anger, agitation or rudeness. It is peaceful, always. It surprises me that he can maintain the patience and peace for so long.
Even though for us it may look amazing, for Rayyan this is normal behaviour and he is surprised why people get angry for trivial issues… only if he knew the battles we fight to keep that raging anger under control! Sigh.

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