Tuesday, June 18, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 37

 The Tribal Man-eater

 There was fancy dress competition in Rayyan’s school. I have always given a choice to Rayyan about whether he wants to do something or not, because he was shy child and did not enjoy attention much. The only condition was, that if he agreed to do something, he could not back off. Rayyan said he wanted to participate in the fancy dress competition.
I gave him a list of characters from which he could pick up one, so that I could make preparations. The list included Batman as well, which Rayyan is going to regret now; though back then, he thought it was scary and rejected it at first sight. Finally, he decided he wanted to be and man-eating tribal man. That was way too easy. I told him that we are not buying anything because that way the competition isn’t about fancy dress but about who bought the best dress. So, I advised him to be like a tribal man and not depend much on the dress itself.
We picked up a coconut leaf and few cardboard sheets laying around home and started working on it. The crown was made of leaves of another plant and skirt by the coconut palm leaves. We had some body paint at home as well, which was used to paint his face and skull on the chest. It took us less than 3 hours to get everything ready. We all enjoyed the preparation a lot.
The plant that became his crown
When we entered the place where the competition was being held, I lost hope of Rayyan winning the competition, because there was a perfect Raja, Hanuman, peacock and many other characters who were quite too perfect. I asked one parent how much did the dress cost, and she replied they all hire it, and not buy or get it ready. 

That was something not acceptable to me because for me fancy dress meant getting it ready with the child, talking to them about what they are representing and enjoying the activity. Even to this day, I tell the same to the parents of our Gigglers as well.
Even though I was a bit worried that my ideal may cost Rayyan his competition prize, Rayyan was unfazed and was enjoying the function of his school. Another worry for me was that Rayyan may refuse to go on stage at the last moment developing nervousness. I was lost in my thoughts when Rayyan’s name was called. He walked up to the stage normally, but then he transformed as he climbed up. His gait changed and he walked like a tribal making sounds “oooh aaaahhh ooohhh aaahhh yeeeahhaaahhhh” and thumped his chest. I couldn’t believe it. This child who was shy and I was afraid that he wouldn’t even go on the stage, was turned into a complete man-eating tribal hungry for food. The applause was loud for him.
Another surprise awaited me when the prizes were announced. Rayyan won the first prize. His Headmistress later told me she appreciated the way he performed the character and put life into it and also that I had not spent on hiring or buying materials but creating it. She said, she was tired of seeing the same old characters over and over again and this was a relief from the monotony.  I was glad that my ideals were intact and it not hurt Rayyan.
As my family were very happy about Rayyan winning and couldn’t stop talking about it, Rayyan told me after a week or so, “Maa, why do people like winning so much? I actually do not feel any different about being either first or last. I really enjoy the activity and not the competition where one person is happy but all the rest are sad”.  It was too heavy to come from a child his age. Honestly, I had never thought that way, because for me winning meant everything. I have tried to change since Rayyan’s theory was put forward, but I haven’t changed much. As for Rayyan, he still continues to believe the same and hasn’t changed much either. 

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