Monday, July 8, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 57

Stronger Than Love

When Rayyan mentioned the words Stronger Than Love, I was thinking very high, about spirituality, kindness and many other things. Swiss knife was last thing on my mind. Rayyan along with his friend Gautam, created this movie with most of his favourite things. Lego blocks, Mario game, and off course The Swiss knife. This tool must be a decade old or more and has been a permanent companion for Rayyan. A gift from my brother, it has been handy in fixing, installing or repairing a lot of things around our home.
Mario was one of our favourite game and we both enjoyed it quite a lot. We were as much interested in finding Princess peach as was Mario. We loved the challenges and would be very excited to know about how to overcome a hurdle. We both played against the game challenges without competing in this one game.
Most of the time, even after years of experience, I am still annoyed when I ask Rayyan to fix something and he walks in empty handed. As he nears the thing which needs attention, he slowly pulls out the Swiss knife and starts working. I have to agree that most of the time I was not able to believe it can work as a saw, micro screw driver to fix loosened handles of spectacles, a knife to cut hard fruits and many other tasks. From tiny impossible looking tasks to big ones like filing an iron wire, Rayyan with his patience and with his trust in the tool has achieved a lot with it.
It was one of those things that he had lost with the bag, but got it back later. He almost couldn’t complete three different tasks without his tool and missed it quite a lot for that short period before the auto driver returned his bag along with the Swiss knife.

There was a lot of patience and work involved in creating this short movie. One of them was to give my clean bedroom and messy look for whatever reason Rayyan had in his mind. I was surprised with the final movie because I did not see anything much happening when the shooting went on. This is again one of my favourite projects Rayyan took up, though I do not know the reason behind it. Whenever Rayyan has some free time, he takes up his own projects and starts working on them. This is the advantage of being in his field where work itself is entertaining. 

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