Monday, July 15, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 64

#100RaysOfSon – 64
The Grown Up Child
Rayyan has two completely opposite shades of him. One is that of a mature wise old man, whereas the other one is that of a child who loves toys, superhero miniatures and many such things which most of the children grow out of after the age of 12 or so. In fact other than the times when we are discussing some serious issues or making a major decision, Rayyan usually lives like a child around home. It is only when we talk to him that we realize that he is mature beyond his age and not a silly child. These are very contradicting personalities which is a surprise to me that it exists in the same body.
Two years ago I was quite busy with lot of work and completely forgot Rayyan’s birthday. We did not go shopping for him nor did we get a cake. But on my way back home, I saw a group celebrating Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday and realized that it was 20th August, Rayyan’s birthday as well. Rayyan had good bank balance by then and had helped me set up My Giggle Garden. He was no more the child who I could buy some toys on his birthday, but a grown man. Yet I did not have heart to not gift him anything at all on his birthday. So, I quickly entered a shop and bought a simple put together puzzle for him. Though it looked childish, I just wanted to see his response to this.
Rayyan was very happy when I handed this box to him and wished him happy birthday. I went to have some tea and when I came back, I found him sprawled on the floor working on the puzzle and setting it up. It was just like when he was 6-7 years old working on puzzles. At that moment I could not see the 25 year old man, but the same old child with the same old interest, oblivious to the world around him, in the same position laying there on the floor. I am not very sure why, but that moment touched my heart. A lot of blessings flowed me to him. I did not disturb him and allowed him to complete the puzzle. Finally when he was done, he walked up to me with the same pride and showed it me just like he did when he was child.
Somehow I felt that may be it is his wisdom and maturity that allows him to be a child and enjoy little things which we are unable to do.

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