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100 Rays Of Son - 74

The Cyclist 

 I am not sure which is Rayyan’s most loved activity, because it is quite tough to choose between swimming and cycling. I am sure though it is one of these activities he enjoys the most. Cycling and Batman were my favourites which became Rayyan’s favourites as well without any influence from me. May be it is in our genes.

Rayyan was on his tricycle at the age of 2 or 3. My mom was worried that he would have a fall and I was like, “What? Mommy it is a tricycle for God’s sake!” Soon he became inseparable from his tricycle and would ride it everywhere. If we were visiting Byndoor even for a short period like a month or so, we would carry the tricycle along with us. I am not one of those parents who buys lot of things for their children. So, the cycle goes with us. Rayyan had just one tricycle and the next cycle he had was BSA CHAMP with training wheels.
Again my mom was like, “It looks so dangerous”. I assured her that the training wheels would keep him safe. But soon enough I took the training wheels off. Rayyan was so scared to ride it without support. So, I was running behind him supporting him to balance the cycle. In the second round I realized that he was well balanced and took the risk of taking the support off. He rode till the end of the road, turned around to see that mom was far behind. At first he was upset/scared but soon enough he tried riding the cycle back and did it…. yay!
Since that day, he has just loved cycling. Overall he has owned 5 cycles. This does not include 3 of them being used for a very short period of time including one Hercules and two cycles in USA.
His first cycle BSA Champ which I convinced him to buy from his piggy bank savings since Kapil Dev starred in its advertisement. Rayyan did not know this until now.
He rode this cycle for more than 4 years before we exchanged it for Avon cycle. This cycle came with us to Byndoor when we shifted there. Unfortunately, it got damaged when cement from construction was poured on it accidently. He then bought Hero DTB bicycle which he bought in Bhatkal and rode it back to Byndoor. Unfortunately, after being used for few years it rusted due to the coastal humid climate of Byndoor. He miraculously missed a major accident when the handle of his bicycle broke into two when he was riding it.
 He temporarily bought a Hercules cycle which he sold when we were visiting USA. There he used Jay’s cycle and later bought a BMX for stunts from his own earnings. He sadly had to part ways from it when we came back.

Once we came back, we bought Hero Octane partly from his earnings with little bit contribution from me. He had taken up lot of odd jobs in USA had some money to go for it. This bike was an attraction for many people in Byndoor.

 There were lot of people who would ask about it, but would be shocked after knowing its price, though for me and Rayyan it was not shocking.
When Rayyan came to Bangalore for Arena, the cycle came with him and was his mode of transport for few years. I realized that this bike was heavy and it was tough for him to ride it. So, on his birthday in 2012 I decided he should upgrade for a hi-tech bicycle. We sold the octane for a good price and also a printer I had won in Indiblogger contest (this is the only prize I have sold) and went shopping on 28th August. Couldn’t buy it on his birthday but got it soon after.
It was so tough for us to make a choice between B’TWIN, Trek, Canondale, Firefox, Montra, Schnell and many more which we had researched in detail. But finally we settled down for Scott due to its reasonable price, looks and for me its name. Scott Peck is my favourite author so I was in favour of it. Rayyan doesn’t know this either. Finally he had a good bicycle which was easy to ride with all the safety accessories.

These 5 cycles have been his companions for more than 22 years now. He has been to his school, college, work and many other places happily riding his bicycles. Not all rides were with a purpose. Some of them have been for adventure, health and fun as well.
Thank God I did not have to assure my mom of his safety when he went on an adventurous trip called Ghats2Ocean. 

It was not just adventure and fun but also a very good learning experience for Rayyan. Riding back to Byndoor and visiting his friends and family has been one of the most memorable experiences for Rayyan. It was his dream come true.
He has been to Shimoga, Thirthalli, Nagara, Sagara, Mysuru, Chitradurga and many other places for his endurance rides, annual rides and so on …

Like when he ventures into the seas, I am quite nervous when he is out there on the roads for days, climbing mountains on slippery ghats or going to unknown places where I know not what danger lurks, but I have never stopped him to pacify my fears. This is something he enjoys the most and I don’t have heart to take it away from him.
Just last Sunday he went on a ride and once he was back, all sweaty and sticky he was excited to show me details of his ride. He just couldn’t wait. I was happy that I had allowed him to enjoy his bike rides without allowing my fears to stop him.
He loves his bicycle rides because it is healthy, economical and doesn’t contribute to environment pollution. He can sight lot more animals and birds on his adventures due to the absence of motor sound. He owes a lot of his stamina and strength to this addiction to cycle rides since childhood. AND it is pure joy for him to zoom on his cycle……
Rayyan has not only been a cyclist, but inspired many others to take it up as well. I have tried it sometimes but have not succeeded.
It was not an easy task for me to convince him go for a motor-bike and finally he did it in January 2018. Until then, he relied completely on his bicycles for transport and I am so happy about that. Even now, he often goes to his work and long rides on bicycle. It is something he cannot part with. They are friends forever……

Upside Down Cycles - regular sight when he is cleaning them

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