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100 Rays Of Son - 70

The 3 Wanderers

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On Mother's day, Rayyan made a card for me. It was something that described us so perfectly. I was surprised to see three of us in auto, because I never thought it meant so much to him.
There is some special understanding that Rayyan, Farheena and I share which makes our lives together peaceful and happy. There are not many complaints, accusations or expectations that we have, but just live together our own separate ways; but at the same time we know that in case someone needs, the other person is available. Farheena is at times bored that how peaceful our home is compared to the drama in the TV shows she watches and tries to create a drama here as well, by being grumpy, angry or coming up with strategies to make the environment a bit dramatic. Luckily, it lasts just for half an hour or so before fading away.
Though Farheena has a bit of different tastes in food and entertainment, all three of us enjoy same activities most of the time. All three of us have tremendously enjoyed the beach trips, Linkin Park music, Big Bang Theory series and, yes, Breaking Bad series as well. It was surprising how Farheena became emotionally attached to Walter White and his family. She in fact wanted me to start car washing business as well and wanted to greet people like Walter White Jr did in the series. But unfortunately, she drifted away to soap operas without being pulled into the superhero world of MC or DC which Rayyan and I enjoy immensely. This is when we get separated into two groups.
Among the things we enjoyed most is the aimless wandering we undertake at times. Initially it was the walks around Whitefield. Then it was to unknown places around Rajarajeshwarinagar. Later, it was Byndoor where we could not go walking around much because Farheena did not fit into a pram anymore. Though we did not have our own vehicle, we had a permanent auto-rickshaw driver who understood the needs of Farheena and helped us manage her travel needs throughout our stay in Byndoor. He understood my children were different and would help with odd jobs as well, like putting the fish back into sea, bringing meds for our chicks etc. Fortunately for me, he never considered crazy but respected his love for animals.
Whenever we were free, we would hire the Auto-Rickshaw and wander off to unknown places around Byndoor. The maximum distance we have travelled is around 300 kms in a day. Nature has something very alluring about, which no man made structure can match. Since we did not have a destination to reach or time limit in which we had to return back home, moreover the driver never grumbled or nagged us for not being clear where we wanted we go, we enjoyed this drives very much. We ventured into forests, hills, river banks, and just the wild places with no goal or aim. We would completely forget everything about the world and be lost in our tiny little world, at times forgetting the person driving the vehicle. We would feel as though we were floating in open air. The joy of finding something beautiful when you are looking for it is something totally different from the feeling when you chance upon a stream, tiny waterfall, beautiful bird or amazing tree all of a sudden when you are not expecting it.
These trips were also a time when we would discuss things like, religions, human nature, relationships, responsibilities and other things. Anytime, Rayyan and I got carried away with our discussions, Manju the driver would scold us for ignoring Farheena. So the girl got her share of attention and was always happy. He was one of her favourite persons in Byndoor.
We were not worried about getting lost because the Manju was very familiar with the places and if we were lost for a short period, we would find a way back eventually. Even today, we just wander off aimlessly at times but not as often. I wish to get back on those trips more often, but life has changed. Everything comes with a price and freedom for me has come with a price of my freedom itself.
Rayyan though ventures out all alone on his cycle or even his bike at times. During these trips he sometimes shares his location through Google maps with me because even he doesn’t know where he is and may need my help to guide him back; though so far it has not happened.
Recently Rayyan was wondering how come I have not mentioned this amazing trips in my series which made me realize how much it meant for him. So, here we go…..

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