Wednesday, July 3, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 52

The Real Help

When Rayyan had to pick a two wheeler, he chose Honda Dio. Everyone kept prodding him to buy a bike, but he was insisting on Dio, a scooter. At 22, it was surprising that the boy choose a scooter when he had chance to go for a bike.
Once the Dio arrived, Rayyan slowly encouraged me to try my hand at riding the bike. He did not force me much, but would mention that it was not tough to learn anything, no matter what age we are at. I was interested in learning to ride two wheeler, but I was also sceptical about learning it after 45. Slowly, I started taking it out at night for small rides, when Rayyan took care of Farheena. Since I was not comfortable with empty roads in night, I started venturing out early in the morning.
Days went by, I had my license to thrill and was going away on long rides early in the morning. This gave me a new sense of freedom and confidence as well. I also enjoyed riding the two wheeler quite a lot. Once, an enthusiastic cyclist, I now quite enjoyed this motorized riding as well. Slowly I realized that Rayyan was always travelling on his bi-cycle whereas I was making use of the two wheeler so often. I went through guilt and told him that he can give up the bicycle and start riding the scooter instead. I can manage with autos or cabs. Rayyan said, he was all comfortable with his bicycle and did not need the scooter. He only took it out if someone needed a drop.
Later, he joined night shift in Digital Juice which was his first job. I insisted that he take the scooter, because it was nearly 16 km from our home. Yet, Rayyan often took his bicycle. But, since I was working full time back then, he had to take the scooter to be home early, so that he could drop Farheena to work and sleep after that.
It was much later that I realized, Rayyan did not like or wanted the scooter. He went for it, so that I could ride it. If he had gone for the bike, there was no chance for me to ever try my hand at riding two wheeler. When, questioned, he said, “Yes maa. I had you in mind when I went for it. I think I made the right choice. If I had discussed with you, I am sure you wouldn’t encourage me to go for it but would insist that I buy what I like. So, I never brought it up. But now, I think you realize it is worth it. I can buy a bike anytime I want now”.
This is just one example of how Rayyan has helped me live a better life. He is there to help, but he also helps me to help myself as he does with Farheena. He never acts as the man of the house, but like a person like anyone. Gender discrimination is something unknown to him. Rayyan doesn’t encourage dependency in people, rather he loves them to get the skill and do it on their own. I am quite sure that I would never have purchased a two wheeler and learned to ride it at the age of 47 if not for Rayyan.
Many people would appreciate if someone would give them a drop to a place they wanted to go, but like they say, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.
Every time I take out the scooter and reach a destination on time, I thank Rayyan.

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