Friday, July 19, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 68

Lost In Laptop

Rayyan finished off his course in Arena Animation by winning first prize for a project that he started for fun. I usually call out to Rayyan from wherever I am. In a minute I will throw the question to him “Where are you Rayyan?”
One day with that question, Rayyan answered me in a scared voice, “Maa I am lost in my laptop and cannot get out of here”.
“Stop joking and come over here immediately. I need your help”
“I am not joking. Check out for yourself maa”.
I know this cannot be true. Though we watch a lot of superhero and sci-fi movies, I am not believing them to this extent. As I enter the room, I see Rayyan hiding behind the door and wallpaper on the paper showing him hanging in there on the screen. 

The concept was really good and I liked it. I reprimanded Rayyan, “If you keep working or playing with the laptop all the time, may be one day you will be lost in it for real”.
Rayyan loved the idea and for the final project for his course in DAEFM, he started working on this. He had just winded up the 2D movie and the second prize he won had given him a lot of encouragement. It was funny to watch him fight with imaginary opponent, jump to catch the air and many other silly things as he started on the project. Watching him I was wondering, why is he not working hard on his project, but just playing around. I knew how passionate Rayyan was about his career and how much it meant to him, so I waited without uttering any discouraging words. As he started working on the movie, I was surprised to see the result. I knew he would be recognised for his work definitely.
On the day Rayyan was winning the prize, I was with Farheena when she went up the stage to play the tree in the school program. 

I received a call from Rayyan announcing that he had won the first prize. What made me happy was that he completed both his projects independently and worked to get what he deserved.
As I congratulated Rayyan on winning the prize, I noticed something about me as well. I usually feel very happy when Rayyan wins, but not proud. The pride comes from the way he is and for many other reasons. I have never told Rayyan I am proud of you that you won this, achieved that or something similar but I have said, I am proud of you for putting in so much of hard work into the project. He gets to hear that his maa is proud of him quite often and even without me telling him, he knows it as well.

P.S. As I am nearing the 68th post, I am a bit nervous that I may have to skip some important parts of Rayyan’s life. There are so many stories still unsaid. 

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Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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