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100 Rays Of Son - 73

Aunty and Her Surprises/Secrets

My youngest sibling, Sabina was preparing for her board exams when Rayyan came into our lives. The high school had stressed her enough, and she was busy with her new school, studies and friends while we were busy with Rayyan. In fact, the time slot for Rayyan was completely full with each one sharing their time with him, hence she got very less time to spend with him in the earlier days. All the tasks were divided between different people and there was nothing left for her to do. My mom in charge of laundry while my dad would complete it by drying and ironing them neatly. My sister would dress and feed him. I would breast feed and make him sleep in night singing lullabies and my mother would join me there. No one dared to encroach on other’s territories other than on my own territory. Sabina, poor girl had nothing left to do.
Her bond with him grew stronger with passing years and it became a bit scary at times. If she had to protect Rayyan even from an ant or something, she would look possessed. Even though Rayyan loved rest of my family a lot, his love for my youngest sister is something very different. The sane, wise and usually logic person will become a little irrational and illogical person when it comes to his aunt.
The combination of this aunt and nephew can be a good soap opera which can give Ekta Kapoor a run for her money. Sabina, usually likes to surprise people with her presents, visits or something special all the time. Even though I was not much interested in birthdays earlier, once she wanted to surprise me with a cake. She hid the cake well inside the kitchen but the box was gaping at me on the dining table. Those are her surprises. Rayyan is very observant and sees minute details to evaluate and deduce what is happening. Imagine the result of these two together!
Until recently I did not know about the struggles Rayyan has gone through to keep the surprise alive without killing it with his wisdom. He can win an Oscar for his 22 years of acting because it started back then. On Rayyan’s 6th birthday, Sabina wanted to give him a toy that he desires as a surprise. So I was given the task of taking him to the shop and asking him to pick the toy. Once he chooses it, I would have to tell him that I am running short of money and couldn’t buy it for him. Later she would go and buy it, pack it and give it as a surprise on his birthday.
Recently Rayyan told me that as soon as I said I cannot buy it for him, he knew it was one of the surprises his aunt had planned for him. I was not aware of this. LOL. He just played along so well that I was fooled. So, the next day Sabina took Rayyan out for a walk towards the shop and asked him to stand a little distance away and wait for her there.
“Rayyan, be here for some time and I will be back in a moment”
“I am scared to be here alone”
“I will be back in a moment. Don’t worry”
“Please take me with you”
“No no… I can’t take you where I am going. I will be back in a moment”
Rayyan stood there while she went to the shop and picked up the car for him. He says it was quite visible in her purse but he had to ignore it and pretend as if he did not know. He knew when the packing was done because of bits of papers left behind. He knew where it was hidden in the cupboard.
Honestly, I did not realize even for a moment that he was pretending to be surprised on his birthday when he opened the pack and asked me, “Maa, isn’t this the same car we couldn’t afford to buy that day?”

Another of Sabina’s obsession was feeding Rayyan and oiling his hair. Rayyan hates oil and would avoid it, but at times she would force oil on his hair. If I ever wanted to have some revenge on her in those earlier days, all I had to say was, Rayyan was my son and she cannot forcefully oil his hair or feed him and she would wail like the Rudaalis of Rajasthan. I enjoyed those times when I could do it, because now that has no effect on her. She has no memory that he is my son at all.
There is also a lot of trust between both of them. If Sabina was a spy, then all we have to do is to make Rayyan talk to get all the information. She uses him a counsellor and consultant combined together. I think he is also the priest to whom she confesses her sins, not sure though. Rayyan has been keeping the secrets hidden and surprises alive all these years. Why I admire Rayyan’s love for his aunt is because he knows everything about her and loves her so deeply. Rest of us are carried away by what she says to us.
At times, people have blamed her for giving a lot of work for Rayyan to do whenever he is around. The question is, why she should ask him to do the work when her children are around and can do it? Sabina has never answered that question, I am not sure whether it is because she is not aware or doesn’t want to give away her secret. I know that she asks him to bring idly for her hubby, or shop some vegetables or accompany her sons just because she can brag about how helpful and loving he is to her. Like my mom would praise him for repairing the helicopter. She doesn’t realize how irritating it is for others to listen to her and I have got calls from people that she is so partial to my children that it is creating problems in her family.
Though sometimes she is just lazy and orders him around to do the tasks which others would grumble at. Fetch my phone, get me some water, where is my purse etc.
They are a set of very odd couple with different personalities at extremes who bond so strongly. Their relationship has lasted so far without any cracks or misunderstandings. Though there have been times when we both sisters have had our share of fights, misunderstanding and fallouts like any sisters, Rayyan was not even a bit affected nor did he take any side. In fact, he would try to make me understand why the issue should be resolved and many times I have agreed. Apart from my elder sister, I think Rayyan is another person who has held our family together even when we had issues that looked like it couldn’t be resolved, especially for me and my sister.
I have nothing much to say about the aunt keeping Rayyan secrets. It doesn’t work at all. He had short movie made with his friends, starring her son Huzaifa. She announced the spoilers without warning on facebook, youtube and to everyone she met.
As for this aunt and her nephew, there is so much of laughter, happiness and entertainment when they are together. In fact, my husband who doesn’t know how to enjoy our family fun times looks forward to their get together and listen to Rayyan pulling his aunt’s leg or teasing her. That is the ultimate TRP rating I think.

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