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100 Rays Of Son - 58

The Diploma Drama

We came back from US after a great trip! It was an amazing experience each day, with different things happening in our lives. Rayyan met many amazing people; who, if he had not met, then he would not believe they existed. This is what he said to me when we were leaving USA. Also he developed a special bond with Paula aunty and especially Jay uncle who was very close to his imagination of a perfect man.
Once back in India, it was as though Rayyan was waking up from a great dream to the reality of studying again. He had to make the tough choice of choosing a field in the area he wanted to work forever in his life. We were thinking about animation as a career for Rayyan, but due to so many people around discouraging both of us, it was scary to make that choice. On the other hand there was no good animation college nearby and I had to send him to Bangalore. There were a lot of things I had consider before making the choice, because at that stage we both were not financially independent.  
We left for USA during the summer vacation and were back to India quite late. Admissions were already closing and we did not have much time to explore or think. We had let ourselves free from all worries and enjoyed completely while in USA, so did not even discuss much about college and studies. We had spent a lot of time enjoying ourselves in USA therefore now I didn’t have much time to think as the admissions were getting closed. We were in a hurry, and decided diploma will be a good option because it didn’t have languages to study. We had enough traumatic experience with languages that we did not want to do anything with it anymore. Rayyan, had been exposed to automobiles in USA and he planned on getting into the automobile field because he had discovered his passion for automobiles.  In addition he had gained a lot of knowledge about automobiles in US with Jay uncle in his garage.
But as luck would have it, someone told his dad that computers are in fashion and Rayyan should opt for it. I had explained everything to my husband and sent him for admission along with Rayyan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to actually ask few questions to the foolish person who was making mess out of a brain that is always confused. My husband immediately imagined Rayyan working in garage and in office with computers. Immediately he decided that computers was better choice. Rayyan who doesn’t argue much was not good enough to explain that working with computers and studying them were two different things to his dad who decided as he was good in applied computer science, so he should study it.
Rayysn's College
Rayyan later narrated how his dad said he didn’t want him to work in garage with all the oil on his clothes as his friend told him that automobile engineering was not a good field. Rayyan explained to him that it is not going to be like that, but it had no effect. Sadly luck was not on his side as in the college there were no admission open for automobile engineering. My husband took advantage of this and declared to Rayyan that since automobile engineering had no seats available, he should take up computers. He did not try to ask for a solution nor did he place a call to me. I am sure if I was there I would not give in so easily. Poor Rayyan was in computer science diploma before he knew what was happening. I was very angry, but since all the formalities had been completed, there was nothing much I could do (or so I thought at that time).
The college was nearly 40 km away and roads were not smooth for the travel. Rayyan would be quite tired after travelling for nearly 3-4 hours every day. The roads as shared in the picture below would be burning hot in summer, dusty in winters and would be filled muddy potholes during the rainy season. 

The buses would be extremely crowded as well. He was dead tired when he arrived home and would not have much energy to study again.
I was having tough time dealing with the wrong decision we had made for him in a hurry. Even then he did pretty well in his first year with subjects like maths and science, and also managed first class in Second semester. But in the second year, again he had problem with one of the main subject, which was c programming. It was a programming language and I think once Rayyan hears the word language his brain tells him it is tough. The struggle began all over again. He worked very hard on the subject and soon other subjects were affected.  He again had problem with symbols and language and as a result he failed in it. Later on in the next semester he had C++ which was continuation on C. 

Since he didn't understand C he couldn't understand C++ and then Java which was another programming language and it went on getting harder and harder as his mind failed to understand the symbols involved in them. Struggling hard he completed the course but could not clear all subjects. He was glad to get the C.C. (course complete certificate).
After seeing his struggles and lack of interest in what he was doing, I decided that this was not the work which he should spend his life doing. So after we both discussed the future, we decided that he should go for animation which was his passion from earlier days. Going back to automobile engineering was not that easy after studying computer science for 3 years. My husband did not want him to be in animation field but finally by hook or crook, Rayyan was doing what he wanted to do. It is funny to note that winning a blogging contest from Indiblogger had helped me take ahead his admission initially. Once, Rayyan was doing what he wanted to do, there was no looking back. He worked hard enough to leave his mark in Arena Animation, Jayanagar. He never skipped a single project during his course. Slowly and steadily he is now doing great progress with his career as well.
I am glad I was not too late in taking decision to change his career and also that I had the courage to do it. Believe me, no one wanted him to take up animation and everyone was against my decision, though they may deny it now. My husband is still upset with the change I made to his career. I have no regrets because I know Rayyan is happy and may be grateful that I supported him to do what he wants to do. I am glad he enjoys his work which he is going spend more than half of his lifespan on.

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