Tuesday, July 16, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 65

Fifty Shades Of Ray

During their teen years, most of the children test the patience of their parents. I am all about the acceptance of the choices they make, yet I was not ready for few of the styles. I had decided to sever all ties with Rayyan if he ever stepped into some of the danger zones. On top of the list was low waist pants. I wouldn’t call anyone wearing low waist pant as my son. It was good for us that even though Rayyan experiments with style, it has never made me squirm.
Now that he is past the teen years and busy working, I am not worried anymore because it looks like he is safe and is going to be my son forever. If the tragedy had to happen, it would have happened by now.
Just because Rayyan did not go for low waist pants doesn’t mean he did not try my patience at all, especially during November with ‘No shave November’ trending. At times I would get irritated with his weird beard or messy hair but I would always comfort myself saying, “At least he is not wearing the low waist pants”. That helped me to deal with all the other styles Rayyan sported without disowning him as my son.
If you think I am exaggerating, just watch the two videos. One where he sported different styles (if you call it so) and the title was chosen by me, since Rayyan doesn't read books and the other one where he plays out his drama when I tell him it would be good if he shaved. The Swiss knife has a cameo in it as well.
What surprised me about Rayyan was that though he appears to be a timid and shy person, he never hesitates to act in his movies. He doesn't mind if I share his embarrassing photos. He doesn't hesitate to on the stage either. When I saw him in the movie for the first time, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, because I never expected this. I had wrongly assumed he would be shy to face the camera. We parents quite often underestimate our children and I did too.
Another thing I noticed is that he looks a bit innocent and demure in some pics whereas the attitude changes quite a lot in others.
The pics below should tell you more. Some of them should help you appreciate me for what I have put up with .... quietly, without making nasty comments.

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